EVE: Identity Part 2

EVE: Identity Part 2

The hallway outside the cloning bay was packed with civilians, crew members, and capsuleers alike.  The external confusion magnified what he was already feeling internally.  How could I end up in Geary’s body?  Where is the original me?  I thought this kind of mistake couldn’t happen.

He instinctively recoiled from the tidal wave of bodies in the corridor.   He didn’t know enough about his situation, nor what kind of transportation he had available to him if he were even able to find Geary’s personal hangar.  Ducking back inside the bay, he asked the attendant, “Computer, what ships does Gea…do I have docked here?”

“Ships presently registered in your name are the Steel Wind, a Drake-class battlecruiser, and Talon II, a shuttle.” the computer voice replied.

A Drake wasn’t much, but it would have to do.  With it, he could make his way to Maila where he had left his carrier and strategic cruiser.  With either of those in his possession, he could start getting to the bottom of what was going on.  “Are the crew of the Steel Wind making preparations to depart?” he inquired further.

“Sir, there are no crew assigned to the Steel Wind.”

“What?!” he shouted at the computer.  “WTE procedures mandate maintaining an active crew on every commissioned ship!”  The real Geary was going to get a piece of his mind.    A lapse like that was simply inexcusable.  The lion’s share of the annual White Talon budget went to the maintenance and payment of ship-based crews.  They were well paid, and performed exceptionally as a result.  He had learned long ago that a reliable crew would allow your ship to get away with engagements and escapes that would otherwise be crippling.

“Per the public ship logs, the Steel Wind was decommissioned pursuant of WTE Regulation 73.6 approximately fifteen months ago.” the computer countered.

I was there when Geary purchased the Steel Wind, he thought to himself.  That was two months ago.

“Computer, what is the date?” he asked, steeling himself for the response.  Nothing added up.  Not him being in this body, the Sansha attack on Ikami, or the ship’s decommission date.  Things were further awry than he first expected.

“113.07.07, sir.”

Much further awry.


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  1. Way to leave us hanging!

    • I must know what happens!