Furtherance Core Values

Interest in Furtherance has exploded. It is awesome to talk with people who have caught the vision, and are looking at exploring the first truly-new content EVE has introduced in years. None of us really known how everything in Thera is going to shake out yet, and that is part of the excitement. Is it going to be a ‘big thing’? Is it going to be popular for a couple of weeks, and then a forgotten wasteland for most afterward? What is the chance for a wandering connection from C5 or C6 space. These are just a couple of the questions that we do not yet have answers to.  There is a question, however, that we know how to answer:

“Are we who we say we are?”

The Furtherance leadership is committed to constantly evaluating ourselves.  Not how specific programs are doing, or whether we need to begin a new initiative.  These are small, micro-focuses that don’t facilitate sustained growth over time.  Instead, we interrogate ourselves on where we stand on adhering to our core values. If we find ourselves out of alignment, we make immediate, direct changes.  We do this because we are firmly convinced that our best days are ahead of us, not behind us.

There’s a reason that we call these things Core Values.  They’re what the leadership stands for, and what we look for in any prospective new pilot joining the corp/alliance.  People who are resistant to change, or that are only looking to dip their toe in, or are isolationists, etc… aren’t going to get along well with us, and burn out/leave quickly.  We don’t want them.  We want people that are all-in, committed to the uncommitted, relevant & innovative, community-focused, and willing to serve.

We realize some of those items need a little bit of explanation.  Please see the elaborations below:

Core Values

  1. All-in -  Once you make a decision to join, to jump in with everything you have.
    1. We’re not looking for people who want to put an alt in a WH/Thera corp to “try it out.”  We’re looking for committed individuals who give it their best, from the beginning.  People who will jump head-first into the deep end of the pool.
    2. This is not to say that we are only looking for people that are active around the clock. That’s absolutely not the case at all.  We’re family and real life friendly. Most of the leadership have spouses and kids. Those people come first.
  2. Committed to the Uncommitted -  The next 30 people to join are the most important people.
    1. We are not looking to grow the corp simply to grow the corp.  We don’t care about our total member number.  What we care about is getting more people involved.  Lots of people join and quit EVE without ever giving it a fair shake because they don’t know what they’re doing, or can’t get connected.  We want to connect with more people to give them more opportunities to have fun.
  3. Relevant & Innovative – We will change.  Get used to it.
    1. If you love armor doctrine, or shield doctrine, or stealth doctrine, speed doctrine, or wormholes, then you’ll be disappointed. We’ll change anything we have to change to be more effective and reach more people.
    2. What we do isn’t just about what you like. It is about what is effective and fun for the corporation.  As a result, when the meta changes, we’ll change.  If T3′s are suddenly nerfed, we’ll change.  If we have a sudden influx of members that can fly A well but not B, and A is viable, we’ll change.  If we grow to 100, 200, 300, 400+ members, we’ll change.
  4. Community-focused – Get to know the people you’re flying with.
    1. We’re not looking for people that just log in for scheduled ops.  We don’t care how many ops you run with the corp.  We care that when you’re on, you’re chatting with/getting to know your fellow corp and alliance members.  Be in the correct chat channels.  Be on TS.  Get to know each other.
  5. Service – Everyone has a talent or gift to use.  Use it.
    1. We’re not a cruise ship that you are partying on. We’re a battleship where everyone has a purpose and role as befitting their abilities.  If you know a lot about PI, help those that don’t.  If you’re good with people, help recruit.  If you’re good with numbers, make spreadsheets.  If you’re a good target caller/leader, run ops.  If you’re great at fitting and know the metagame, help devise fits.  If you like probing, chart our systems and find us targets.
    2. Do not expect a free ride where you can just log in and say, “Hey, any fun going on?  No?  Okay, peace.”  If there isn’t something going on, we expect you to start something up.  It could be a high sec miner gank.  It could be a C4 Bling Brigade.  It could be a mass gas mining op.  It could be a UBOAT patrol three, four, five, six WH connections away.  Make it happen.

For those that have been asking for more details on what Furtherance is about, or who we are, I hope that this provides you with those answers. If you’d like to chat about any of the above, hop into the ‘Thera Local Chat’ channel in-game or convo me at Matthew Geary.