Furtherance in Thera

Furtherance in Thera


The advancement of a scheme or interest

Two weeks ago I began my search for a new corporation in EVE. I put my recruitment post out on the eve forum, joined the in-game recruitment channel, and plied the waters.

I need to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to the groups that expressed interest and invited me to app. Pandemic Legion, Black Legion, Mordus Angelus, Goonswarm Federation, Hard Knocks Inc, Shadow Cartel, Snuffbox, Northern Associates, Black Core Alliance, Clone Snatchers, Grey Templars, Violent Declaration, Abduction Imminent, Star Explorers, Core Intel, and others…I greatly appreciate the time and attention your teams paid to the recruitment process. I considered each of your offers in earnest. I must, however, respectfully decline your invitations.

While my search was still active, another player who has known me for the past 6-7 years asked what I was doing. He made the (correct) observation that I needed a dream to believe in, something that I personally could contribute to the success or failure of. He pointed out that, despite the above corps/alliances being great choices, I would likely burn out quickly given no tangible vision I could  affect. The words of those close to you cut deep, especially when they knife through your own delusions and hit at the heart of the matter. Having played EVE since 2003, flown in small corps and led several thousand member alliances, I needed something more. Thank you Mort.

So where does that leave us? With Furtherance. As stated, without an achievable goal to work toward, many players stop playing. I’ll raise my own hand there. I don’t mind being transparent.

Before talking about Furtherance, though, we need to talk about Thera. Thera is the new, named WH system settled by the Sisters of EVE. There are four intact, fully serviced stations from which an enterprising pilot can call home. That’s cool, the only dockable places in wormhole space. But more interesting are the much higher K-space static count. We’re taking a plethora of ways to get into and out of Thera at any given time. Null. Lowsec. Highsec. All accessible, all the time.

And that’s a big deal. No other WH system is even remotely as connected as Thera is. Some people have posited that this will lead Thera to being some sort of “Jita in the Deep,” a trade port that anyone and everyone can connect to.  Others have speculated that some 1,000 man alliance will claim the system and call it home.

I don’t think that either of the above are overly likely. People shop in Jita because of the low prices, plethora of goods, and it’s easy accessibility. While Thera will be abundantly connected, those wormhole connections change early and often. You can’t COUNT on getting to Thera like you can Jita, or any of the smaller market systems. The route to Jita or Amarr from System X is always the same. Plotting a course to Thera won’t be.

Regarding the 1,000 man alliance. In general, leaders of corps/alliances consider two things: member content, and member sustainability. Thera CERTAINLY will provide content for the membership, especially in the first few weeks as the system is firmly entrenched in “Wild Wild West” status. I expect lots of kills. Lots of PvP. Lots of people trying to take advantage of the system in cool and interesting ways. But Thera likely won’t contribute long-term to member sustainability.There’s a reason those high class WH groups don’t try and plug 1,000 people into their hole, and it goes beyond mass considerations. Corp/alliance member 30-1000 will find it hard to remain in the black in Thera. There simply aren’t THAT many moneymaking opportunities there inherent to the system.

So that finally brings us back to Furtherance. Furtherance was formed in an attempt to directly impact Thera. We plan to live there. We plan to fight there. And we plan to help others make use of the system as well. But what does that actually mean? Let’s start with the latter idea and move to the former.

Help Others…

  • …to reach Thera. We have no intention at all to “claim” Thera. That’d be silly. We’re far too small. To that end, we have formed the ‘Thera Local Chat‘ channel which is open to the community at large. In it we list trusted scouts that you can solicit help from in entering the system. We also list a somewhat up to date list of the current K-space connections. Can’t ask for a scout in if you don’t know where it is, right? The idea is simple: Find the closest connection to where you are. Hop in your ship. Request to talk with one of the trusted scouts. They’ll let you know what the Thera side of the connection looks like as you approach. Jump in. Profit.
  • …to make use of the space. There are four stations in Thera. Two are kick outs. Two are not. All four can be camped by bombers, snipers, brawlers, etc… We want to ensure that, to the best of our ability, the stations remain clear so people can dock and undock per their desire.

Fight There

  • The above may lend you to believe that Furtherance is combat averse. We’re not. The opportunity for PvP is a huge reason why we chose Thera. While yes, we will scout you into the system and let you warp off, that does not mean we won’t blow you up in one of the anomalies or signatures in-system. We will. We’ll also actively engage people entering Thera that aren’t using the scouting service. That fully-loaded Orca you decided to bring in through the lowsec entrance on the sly? We saw it coming. It’s now a wreck. Sorry, but thanks for the content. Also, those inevitable station camps? We plan to actively intervene against those as well.

Live There

  • We plan on calling Thera home. Medical clone in one of the stations? Check. Intel channel that other friendly (read: awesome people to PvP alongside) residents can tap into? Check. Occasionally do some anoms or sigs that are in the system? Maybe. That’s pretty far behind our other interests.
  • A hyper-connected, mobile system also lends to amazing roaming PvP opportunities as well. At any given time we will have our choice of low and null systems to go pew in, and high sec to restock from. Today Immensea. Tomorrow Fountain. The next day Tribute. Then Delve.
  • The same is true for dedicated explorers, which we welcome with open arms. Having a new system/constellation/region available to you daily gives you unlimited opportunities to run those data, archaeology, and combat sites you’re wanting.

We at Furtherance desire for  Thera to be a vibrant, lived in system. We want the pew to flow, but also to make new friends and allies in the process.

Sugar Kyle asked “Why Thera?” when I was bouncing some ideas around related to this post. The answer is relatively straightforward: we chose Thera because we’ve done this in the past in kspace. We did it in Otosela in 2006 and Asakai in 2013. Kspace, however, makes it hard for small-to-medium groups to have a profound affect on an area. That is much easier to do in Wspace where mass limitations limit the number of players involved at any given time. That being said, we like the amenities that Kspace offers (read: stations and station services).


Furtherance recruitment is now open. Expect another blog post where we’ll talk about the kind of pilots we’re looking for. The short version? We’re going with an open recruitment model akin to Rixx Javix’s Stay Frosty corporation. Every pilot, young and old, can help us on our mission. While we are deeply interested in pilots that can fly Cov Ops, Bombers, Ishtars, Gilas, Scimitars, Stratii (plural for Stratios, I think…?), T3′s and Confessors, a three day old new player to EVE that joined in the wake of the ‘This is EVE’ trailer is a welcome addition to the crew.


  1. Awesome! I love the notion of a group considering its own purpose in this on-going universe. I’m an industrialist and not a PVPer, but maybe we’ll cross paths some day :-)

  2. I’ve been struggling with finding a “purpose” in EVE lately, wondering why I play.

    Basically, for stuff like this, hope to join you!