I’m Matthew Geary, and I’m looking for a Corp

I’m Matthew Geary, and I’m looking for a Corp

The This is EVE video has turned out to be a wonderful thing. New subscriptions are way up (provide info graphic). The community is going all out in an attempt to keep these new players (provide links). And unsubscribed veterans are giving the game another go.

Hi, I’m one of those unsubscribed veterans giving the game another go. I saw the trailer, and have probably watched it twenty or thirty times at this point. One thing stood out to me: I haven’t had a “Come on boys, come on…yeah!” moment in EVE in at least six years. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of that’s cool moments. I’ve had lots of fun, but I think it is safe to say that the part of that movie that got my skin tingling were those four seconds of jubilation at the culmination of hard team work paying off in perfectly executed fashion to remarkably destructive results. That. I want that again.

I spent much of the last two days in the English recruitment channel in-game looking for a new place to call home. A dozen hours later two things became clear to me:

  1. Everyone wants to know the same basic things about who I am and what I want in the game. Duh.
  2. Finding the right corp is going to be hard.

So, in a medium that isn’t limited to time or character limits, I thought I’d do my best to clearly describe number one, and outline what I’m looking for in depth for number two.

Cal/Zara/Geary’s Not-So-Comprehensive Biography

Note: Historically, Battleclinic’s killboard has more accurate kill/death information prior to 2010 or 2011ish with the great eve-kill standardization. While I don’t refer Battleclinic’s KB, I’ll be referencing it for specifics given the level of detail it has from the past.


The Early Years:

I started EVE on July 5th, 2003. I think that was a little less than two months after the game hit retail. I’d played the game in Beta and was impressed, but was in college at the time and didn’t want for a game to distract me from the end of semester exams. Summer break started, I ticked off all of the required things I needed to do, and then dove into the game. That was a long…long time ago.

At the time I joined ZiTek, a member of Stain Empire. I’ll be honest, I remember next-to-nothing about those days. It’s been over a decade. We were in null in the South. We fought people. People fought us. Not too memorable. EVE was so small then. A 30 vs. 30 fight was a huge deal. I don’t think there is a single map online that shows the politics of the day at this point.

Fast-forward to late 2005. I started Shadow Fist, a small pirate corp based in lower Essence. I was tired of being a straight arrow in an alliance that didn’t seem to be getting a lot accomplished. Or maybe I just wanted a change of pace. Regardless, I setup shop in the Atlulle area of Essence, a lowsec island that was out of the way enough for me to practice solo PvP.


In a funny twist, many of my victims turned right around and asked if they could join up. Omnipotent (http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=326603) went on to become a key member of a future corp I’d be in. Jahnweh escaped many an attempt to blow up his ship, and later became my CEO. Unreal, a friend from Planetside, decided to join up as well, and added to our small corporation’s firepower (http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=326603).

Eventually, though, we’d grown large enough to expand out of our little two-system lowsec island. We wanted more. More prey. Larger fights. More conflict. Some of us wanted a return to null. So we started looking. The Forsaken Empire was a dominant alliance in the North at the time, laying claim to Tribute, Vale of the Silent, and Geminate. They were also very “pirate friendly”, encouraging such activities in the lowsec pipeline in upper Lonetrek. We app’d and were accepted in short order.

Our stay in F-E was short lived. You’ll have to remember that this was a time before even the most basic of alliance/bloc-level services existed. In-game, Outposts were few and far between. Out-of-game, there were no communication protocols like Jabber. Beyond those complications, F-E did not know what to do with its new corporations. Despite all that, I learned to FC at what was then the alliance level. 100 vs. 100 fights with sniping battleships…big deal at the time.

A particularly bad bout of the flu took me out of EVE for a month prior to Christmas in 2005. When I got back, the rest of the corp had left Shadow Fist and had restarted under a new name, Shattered Light. They’d tired of F-E’s antics while I was away to the point of wanting to take the fight to our former alliance. I joined them with the role of Military Director.


The Golden Years:

Collectively, veterans of Shattered Light look back at it as one of our favorite times in EVE. We heavily recruited newer pilots (a trend that would continue until my break in 2010) and introduced them to the game with passion and a goal: Free Geminate.


Based out of Otosela, we struck as often as possible against F-E (and later V.O.I.D, they’re reformation) in Geminate. As we did so, our numbers grew, as did the numbers of like-minded corps in the area. Notably, Hirr also called the system home long before they helped form Morsus Mihi. Between them, Flashman Services, and our own Red Horizon (the alliance SHLT went on to found), we hit F-E from the south while G, IRON, and others attacked them from the north/north west.

The goal of Freeing Geminate might not seem like a lot in current EVE. After all, Geminate is a pretty crappy region. Terrible true sec, and nothing else to make living there worthwhile (this is before Anomalies and the like). Perhaps we wanted it because no one else did. It might be a crap region, but it was OUR region. F-E’s claim to it was nominal. They stamped their name on it simply to have it on the galactic map. It was a buffer region, occupied by loyal meat shields against incursions by groups like The Five. They didn’t *really* want it.

In the end, our campaign was successful. We dropped carriers on enemies before it became a “cool thing” to do (http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=1463221) in an effort to enforce our blockade of the region. We grew in our coordination with friendly forces, and achieved some fun lopsided wins (http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/engagement.php?id=1487520). Myself and S4xon were the primary FC’s in the area during this time, and we both discovered that commanding small-to-mid sized gangs were a lot more fun than Fcing hundreds.

I’ll summarize the next year or so. I joined TSA, SNU, and FIX. Fun times were had. I FC’d increasingly larger numbers, culminating in one thousand man fleets defending 49-U.

As is the case in life, things in EVE are cyclical. I wanted to work with new pilots again. I wanted to bring a fresh batch of pilots into the game, and get them thinking big. The out-of-game guild I was in at the time, Virakar, has more than a passing interest for EVE. We brought them in at the height of the nano age and attempted to teach brand new pilots how to fight *fast*. I’ll be honest when I say that flying nano is/was my favorite way to fly. There’s something remarkably fun about diving into a much larger hostile force, doing battle, and coming away unscathed (http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/engagement.php?id=3136291, there were 21 hostile ships). Nano let small groups fight outnumbered against larger unprepared fleets in a way that EVE had not seen previously. Sure, you could snipe in battleships, but those required a critical mass so that you could pop an enemy in one or two cycles before warping off the grid and starting again.

Nano was different. The same fight could stretch on five, ten, fifteen, twenty of more minutes of continuous action with you never leaving the grid. Diving in, baiting people into over committing, stringing them out, and then pouncing for the kill *still* makes my adrenaline pump all these years later just thinking about it.

The exciting part of nano was the equal parts group coordination and individual piloting skill. You had to trust that your gang was going to do the right thing, at the right time, so that everyone could capitalize. One mistake and you were dead, the ships simply weren’t tanky enough to sustained tackled damage. Thus, more so than any other type of combat, you utterly relied on each and every member of your gang.

The Ishtar, Curse, and Vagabond were our ships of choice, being far too poor to afford Snakes or the “big guns” like Machariels. They served our purposes, and kept the losses (the very few times we died) relatively reasonable. If SHLT was our favorite part of EVE for “getting something accomplished”, Arrogance Unlimited -> Virakar -> Virakorp was our favorite time flying ships.


A short sample of killboards. The universe was a smaller place then, and we a smaller corp. We never minded fighting outnumbered , but there were limits to what could be engaged at the time.

In 2010 I created the character Matthew Geary. I’d grown a lot personally since beginning the game in 2003. The boneheaded mistakes I’d made over the years were not few. My refusal to compromise or apologize was legendary in the small circles I traveled. In short, when I started playing EVE I was a kid. In 2010 I was 28, married, with a stable job and a more grown up perspective on the world. This a new name for a more mature individual.

At the same time, I began White Talon Enterprises, my home today (http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/combat_record.php?type=corp&name=White+Talon+Enterprises). WTE began its life in lower Derelik/Curse, flying alongside Open University of Celestial Hardship pilots. Again, back to FCing and training new players. We moved to the lower Forge with a vision of doing the same thing for the Akora -> Akkio pipe (leading to Geminate) that we’d once accomplished in SHLT with Geminate. Free the Pipe. Clean it of pirates. Open a shortened trade route from Caldari to Minmatar space that was routinely patrolled and kept safe. Many of the new pilots from OUCH joined us in our move, and for a while we met with success. We had a negative K:D ratio for the first time in any corp I’d ever led, but maintained a 2.57:1 ratio in terms of ISK destroyed vs. lost. In other words, we killed really expensive stuff and lost less expensive ships that the newer pilots could pilot in return. Everything was working great…

August 2010 found me taking what I thought was a permanent break from EVE. My wife and I had been married for a year, and she mentioned that EVE was her least favorite part of how we collectively spent our time. Without hesitation I sold Cal and Zara and terminated my subscriptions that very day. I liked EVE. A lot. But I loved my wife. Uninstall. Bye bye.



As is the case for many vets of the game, the long goodbye wasn’t the end. Three years later married life remained excellent. Our first child, a daughter, joined us in 2012. She changed everything. How my wife and I lived, how we spent our time, and what we spent our money on. Our daughter’s 7:30PM bedtime meant that, on most nights, we were home for the evening and looking for something to do. My wife brought EVE up in conversation and mentioned that I should give the game another go with just a single caveat: I need to be available when requested. Not “give me 5 minutes, hun,” which we all know turns into 45 in EVE. Right away…to assist with a diaper change, help get theDaughter dressed, rock her to sleep, or anything else. I agreed. Thus in May of 2013 I made my way back to New Eden.

An obstacle presented itself almost immediately. In the intervening three years I’d been gone, most of the people I knew had left too. For the first time in my entire EVE career, I couldn’t just convo someone and get in on the action. I couldn’t send IM’s to “the crew” and get the band back together. That left me rudderless. I could go on in more detail, but I previously wrote an article on this very topic upon coming back.

Since May 2013 my EVE career has been on display both here on White Talon, and also on factionwarfare.com. To sum it up, lots of flying with smaller groups of people that, while awesome people, led to lower activity rates. I’ve never been a “solo” pilot. At least half of my kills dating back to 2003 have been with just 1, 2, or 3 friendlies on the mail, but very few of them have been just me. I don’t really find “just me” fun. Never have. Probably never will. As a result, my PvP activity since returning in 2013 has been mediocre to say the least. I want to PvP. I love PvP. When PvPing, I’ve maintained a remarkably high efficiency going all the way back to 2003. I just want people to PvP alongside.

One year after coming back to EVE I took another “short” break. My wife and I had another kid on the way, and we’d had three scares in the previous months. My help was needed more and more in the real world to prepare, and to just “be there.” My son arrived in July of this year, and now that he is in a more routine sleeping schedule, I’d hopping back into the game I love.



Did I mention in all the above that I also like to write? ;) Blogging is a hobby of mine. I like creating content, whether that is FCing or teaching pilots in-game, or penning an After Action Report after an exciting engagement. That, a decade of experience playing, and a willingness to try new things is what I bring to the table.  I’ve FC’d thousands of pilots at a time, flew as a grunt, pirated, hunted pirates, hauled stuff, built stuff, taught new pilots, etc… I’m looking for a new challenge, and new things to learn.

I’m skilled into the following ship types, among others:

  • Covert Ops Frigs
  • Stealth Bombers
  • T3 – Armor and Shield
  • Command Ships
  • HACs – Armor and Shield
  • Recons
  • Logi – Armor and Shield
  • Marauders
  • Black Ops
  • ORE Industrial (Noctis)
  • Industrial Command (Orca)
  • Carriers – Armor and Shield
  • Dreadnoughts – Armor and Shield
  • Jump Freighters


Looking for a Corp

So let’s talk about what I’m looking for in a corp. Moreso than anything else, I’m looking for activity during US evening hours. And by that I don’t just mean on the weekend. I may be the odd one here, but I actually have *less* time to play on the weekends, not more. I’m looking for activity midweek. Mondays. Tuesdays. Wednesdays. I want to log in and there be something going on, or people willing to let the new guy help create content by getting a gang together. I care less about what it is we are doing than having good, quality people to do it with.

With that said, I have more than a passing interest in wormhole space. It’s always intrigued me. Before taking a break in May of this year, I joined a presumably well-established and active wormhole corp, only to be one of two or three people logged in during US evening hours for three weeks straight. There wasn’t even someone online during that time that could help scout a new recruit to the hole. While that experience didn’t work out, I’m very, very up for trying again.

Thera also greatly interests me, for what that’s worth. I have no idea how that system is going to shake out, and who is going to try and lay claim to it, but color me interested.

I don’t really have an overwhelming desire to join any of the existing blocs out in null. I’ve done that enough over the years that there is little to be desired. Too often that boils down to waiting for a large fleet to roll out…waiting…waiting…waiting…and it finally departing by the time I need to call it a night. I’m not totally against this, but the corp would have to be truly special for me to want to join.

Perspective corps, note again the relative lack of PvP since my break in 2010. I’ve very interested in PvP and have actively PvPed for the vast majority of my EVE career, but I will not have the recent experience that your standards typically require. Given the opportunity, I won’t disappoint.


Bottom line: I’m looking for a group that has a dream, the desire to accomplish it, and the activity (during US evening hours) to make it happen. You can reach me in-game at Matthew Geary, or email me at geary@whitetalon.com. Thanks for your time.


  1. Hi,

    I’m a recruiter for M-Bay a corp in the SpaceMoneky’s alliance. I think you would like our PVP focused corp. Many of us are involved in alliances offices. If interested our Public Channel in “M-Bay”.


  2. Yo spacemoneky, I’m really happy for you, imma let you finish but MRCHI already has had dibs for three-plus years.

    Seriously though, I have a spare character that I would happily put in whatever corp Geary ends up joining just so I can fly around shooting spaceships with him. I trained my first T2 hulls, Huginn and Ishtar, for those nano fleets. Good times!