Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Just yesterday I wrote an article entitled Land, Plans, and Server Failure. In it, among other things, I talked about the land shortage on Enla. Complained about it, really. Looking back at the article, I might even call it a bit whiny. My apologies for that.

Last night, however, my land fortunes changed. While advertising in /f that I wanted to purchase a Thatched Farmhouse, or adjoining 16×16 farms, many people reached out seeing what I was willing to pay for one or the other. Windscour Savannah, Perimoor Ruins, Karkasse, and Hellswamp all had properties for sale, but not what I was looking for. No Thatched Farmhouses. Several 16×16′s, but none adjoining. Was I being too picky? Did I need to set my sights a bit lower? I started to revise my /f WTB statement when the whisper came in:

XXXX: Are you looking for the Thatched and the large farms?
Me: Or. I seriously doubt I could afford an “and”.
XXXX: I’m selling a Thatched, 2 connected 16′s, and 2 8′s.
Me: Wow. Where at?
XXXX: North Two Crowns.

I’ll admit, I was drooling at this point. But I knew it wouldn’t work out. I pressed “I” and looked at my gold total. 500 gold. My alt had about another 100. All told, 600 gold wasn’t going to be nearly enough for such a spread. I explained as much.

Me: I doubt I can afford all of that. I only have about 600 gold in the bank right now, but I do have two small houses that I can sell.
XXXX: I was really looking for 2000 for everything.
Me: I can see why. That’s an awesome spread of property. I hope you can find a good buyer!
Long pause.
XXXX: Thanks. If nothing works out I will follow-up with you. Friending you.
Me: Best of luck on the sale!

I went about my business. I’m currently levelling a Blighter for open world PvP at 50, and those levels doesn’t claim themselves. Marianople is a pretty enough area to get lost for thirty minutes or so in. Getting ready to call it a night, I send the potential seller one more message:

Me: Hey, I forgot to mention…I’m often on <insert alt name here> instead of this one. If you could, friend that character too please. Alternatively, you can reach me at thecalligan@gmail.com.
XXXX: I may not go through the hassle of selling after all.
Me: Oh? What do you mean?
Long pause.
XXXX: Tell you what. I can sell it all to you for 1200.

Jackpot. Even in the slightly depressed housing market, I was sure that I could get 600 gold from my two properties. I explained that I’d need a little bit of time to get the money. He told me he wasn’t really in a rush, that he was moving to another server where his guild had settled, and wanted the gold here for a rainy day in case he returned to Enla or character transfers became fact instead of fiction. I hopped onto my alt who owned the small houses in Solz and Two Crowns, and continued chatting the seller up.

One of my comments intrigued him: I played EVE. I think we talked about the in’s and out’s of that game for the lion’s share of the time it took to sell both properties. I actually owe him an email recapping much of our conversation. If you’re out there friendly seller, I haven’t forgotten you.

The thing about playing EVE for a decade is that you’re always on the lookout for scams. Not to commit them, but so you don’t get taken advantage of. At one point, after my properties sold and my bank was sitting at a happy 1,310 gold, we reached a point of required trust. Neither one of us wanted to spend the gobs of gold to purchase all of the certs for a secure trade. Thirteen certs at roughly thirty gold each is almost a quarter of the already agreed to price. I certainly didn’t have 1,590 gold to my name, and the seller was already giving me a sweetheart deal.

Me: So…how are we going to do this?
XXXX: I’ll put the 2 16′s up with 1 gold certs. You then trade me the rest of the gold. I 1 gold cert the Thatched.
Me: The Thatched is the property I’m most interested in. How about you max out 1 cert on that, then I trade you the rest of the gold, then you 1 gold cert the 16′s.
XXXX: You’re asking me to trust you. Are you a trustworthy person?
Me: I like to think so.
Long pause.
XXXX: Okay. I will 1 gold cert the Thatched. Then you trade me the rest of the gold. Then I 1 cert the 16′s.
Me: Deal.

I’m happy to report neither of us played the other. In an online game with no real life repercussions, it is all too easy to damn the in-game consequences and make off like a bandit. I could have done it. I could have gotten the Thatched for a gold, and kept the other 1,199. A decade ago when I was a self-professed pirate in EVE I might have. But XXXX had clearly put a lot of time and effort into procuring these properties and working them. He was leaving to join his other friends that he enjoyed playing with on another server. Who was I to ruin his fun?

Me: It was a pleasure doing business with you.
XXXX: I’m glad it worked out. I’m a trusting person in RL, and I didn’t want a game to change that.
Me: Me too.
XXXX: Email me about EVE. I’m interested.
Me: Sure thing. Look up Schwigg if you happen to hop in-game. He’s a helpful guy.
XXXX: Okay.
Me: I’m calling it a night. Good luck. Thanks again! Have fun on Ollo!

I’m tickled pink at how it all worked out. I got the land I was wanting, and MORE. XXXX got to sell, and has the gold should character transfers ever be enabled. And EVE might have one more player headed its way. Gallente Militia, I pointed him in your direction. You’re more new-player friendly than the other Militias I’ve dealt with. Treat him well! To conclude, some screenshots of the property (more to follow):


From just in front of one of the 8×8′s, looking at my new Thatched Farmhouse. The 16×16′s are to the left, and behind me.


View from inside the Thatched, looking out at the sea.


From the front of my property, gazing out at Dewstone and other island in Feuille Sound.


  1. Nice job, glad it worked out for you. I played eve a lot myself, it’s how i learned to abuse a working market. AA’s isn’t perfect, but a bit of labor and some time and you can make a nice stack of gold here.

    Hoping to buy some decent land myself, still puttering on an 8×8

  2. Do you play in Enla?Might know who you are.Any way Good buy and good luck with the land.

    • Yep, you do. Hi Bayaz. You’ll need to see the compound.

      • Today i might check it out.Man if you ever need some supplies hit me up.

  3. He can transfer the gold by selling something crap for a high amount of money on Ollo and buying it on Enla, as they are on the same AH cluster. You do lose 10% gold but it’s worth it.

  4. I’m glad you’re a trustworty person Calligan. And yes, I was aware that you could have just left me standing there with my shiny new gold coin and thumbed your nose at me from the doorway of your new Thatched Farmhouse. Trust is one of those “great rewards at great risk” type things though. Instead of being an asshat scammer, we both got what we wanted, and in the process may have each found a new friend, which is definitely worth more than gold.

    I hope you enjoy the property Calligan. You’ll need to gang up some tax certs if you don’t have them already. All total it’ll be about 150 per week if memory serves.

    @Mike.. thank you kindly for that suggestion on the gold. I was going to buy apex, convert to credits (as credits are shared across the account), purchase marketplace items and sell those for gold.. but I think I like your way better.