Land, Plans, and Server Failure

Land, Plans, and Server Failure

Before getting started, I want to set the record straight: I’m really enjoying ArcheAge. It is fun, and I more than feel that I am getting my money’s worth for the Patron subscription. I am a (mostly) satisfied customer, who has a proper view as to what problems are the result of XL Games, and which we need to pin on Trion.

That being said, I’m starting to get frustrated about a few items:

Boy is there ever a land shortage on Enla. I can’t even imagine what it is like on one of the more populated servers. I’ve been hunting for over a week for a 24×24 to call my home. I want a Thatched Farmhouse, where I can work (materials for trade runs) and live at the same time. It simply isn’t happening.

I’ve checked every zone in Nuia with the exception of Karkasse. Solz, Lilyut, Gweo, Dewstone, White Arden, Marianople, Two Crowns, Cindermoore, Halc, Sanddeep, Hellswamp? No plots for public sale. Few expiring (more on that later) in the next week or so. Nobody in /f interested in selling privately.

Obviously some of these locations are more highly desired than others, for different reasons. I don’t own a cart or a wagon. I do own a Clipper. As a person who likes trade, the sea is where it is at given the above. I’d love a plot in Solz, Dewstone, Two Crowns, Cindermoore, Two Crowns, Halc, and Sanddeep for their direct access to the ocean. But beggars can’t be choosers.

That isn’t to say that I’m land deprived. I’m not. I have a small house in SW Solz, a small house in NE Two Crowns, and a near-adjoining 8×8 farm to the latter. I know that I’m better off than a substantial portion of the populace. But I’d gladly sell/give away all three for the opportunity at a single 24×24 in an “okay” location. I’ve got the plans, I’ve got the mats, but I’m lacking a place to put them.

Plans and Server Failure
Earlier I mentioned that there were indeed a scant few expiring properties on my whirlwind tour across Nuia. Properties coming out this morning. Properties inaccessible due to repeat server failure. It’s almost a tease to let people see “Hey, here are the properties you can try to claim when they expire…but wait, no, Enla is going to be donw. Again. For the second/third/fourth/fifth time of the day.”

I don’t have all day to sit around waiting for the servers to come up. I’d specifically allocated time during the first downtime to grab a plot that was expiring. By the time I finally got in, after the third downtime today, the plot was already claimed. Would I have been guaranteed the spot if I had logged in? Nah. But at least I would’ve had a chance.

Speaking of server failures…let’s point that blame at the right party. Changes to Labor gain when offline? Not Trion, that’s XL Games. Normalization of mounts and gliders? Not Trion, that’s XL Games. APEX exploit? Not Trion, that’s XL Games. Repeat server crashed, over and over again, multiple times a day? Not XL Games, that’s Trion.

Trion’s job in this relationship is, for all that I can nail down with precision, is three-fold. They host the servers. They Westernized the content. They market the game. That’s it. They’re failing, horribly, with the first of those items. Enla was down five times yesterday. It has already gone down three times today. How many more times will it crash tomorrow? Why isn’t Trion communicating with us on these items?


The lack of ability to get the land you want, not just the leftovers, and the lack of ability to play often due to repeated server crashes are my main two gripes with ArcheAge right now. Overall I’m happy. I like playing the game. But these two items are starting to take baby steps toward ruining my fun.

As a final note…if you’re on Enla and have a 24×24 property you’re wanting to get rid of, I’d very much like to take it off your hands. While I’m specifically looking for a Thatched Farmhouse as the final property, I’m willing to purchase other types as well. Hit me up at “Calligan” in-game, or email me at