Land Alarm Clocking

Land Alarm Clocking

I’ve alarm clocked for a lot of events in my MMO career. In EVE, alarm clock ops were a matter of course for offensive assault on a system or for defensive stand. You aim for the timers to come out when your enemy is at the biggest disadvantage, which sometimes makes for sleepy play sessions. Last night, however, was the first alarm clocks I’d set for another MMO.

Last night I set two alarms: The first for 3:37AM, the second for 8:07AM. My goal? One of the two 16×16′s that were set for demolishing in southwest Solzreed Peninsula. While I already had a small house and an near-adjoining 8×8 farm in northeast Two Crowns, that wasn’t where I wanted to settle down.

Speaking of settling down…non-instanced land ownership is a powerful draw to any online game. Having a place to call yours, regardless of whether that is a system in EVE or a small plot in ArcheAge, is compelling. When the going gets tough, you have a place to go. A place to make use of in whatever way you want. It’s a feature that should be present in many more MMO’s out there, but isn’t. And for all the problems with lack of land in AA, having it is awesome. But I digress.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. 3:37. A rude awakening. My four month old son had woken up about 30 minutes earlier, so I was still a little out of it. I considered rolling right back over. Those of you with children will understand. Sleep means life.

I woke anyway, and stumbled one room over where I’d left my Surface Pro 2. My office, where I normally play, is located directly above our bedroom. While I was willing to be up in the middle of the night, I doubted my wife (who had also just gotten back to sleep) thought similarly. So, Surface on the couch.

Boot up ArcheAge. Log in on my trade character. Press ‘F’ on the Scarecrow with one minute to spare.  Good, still showing protected until 3:40, November 17th. The seconds on my clock ticked down. 60 seconds left. 30. 15. 10. 5. Go time. Or not?

Despite it being 3:40AM, and the protection running out at 3:40AM, nothing happened. The scarecrow remained standing. I couldn’t destroy it. Couldn’t force a demolish. Nothing. The Scarecrow kept on keeping on. I knew that submitting a ticket would mean weeks of waiting for a response, and no live chat support is available at that time of night. Frustrated, I moved 100 meters to the next plot to come available and went back to bed.

Fast-forward to 8:07AM. I grabbed Starbucks on the way in to work after a night with less sleep than usual. I again boot up ArcheAge and go to log in. All of the servers are up. All of them except Enla. My server. I may have cursed at this point. I had a meeting to lead at 8:30. Refresh. Maintenance.  Refresh. Maintenance. Refresh. Maintenance.  Damnit.

On the verge of giving up, I saw the server status change. Up! I spammed the login button, hoping to beat whoever else might have been heading for that same plot. I appear in the world in the midst of a large open space. No one had claimed the now-vacant spot. For a moment I stood undecided. 16×16 farm, or house? Farm, or house? My mouse hovered over one, then the next. I needed both in the long run. But which to place first?

That’s a stupid line of thought. I could easily demolish and replace later on. Other people who’d also noted the expiry time were likely on the way. PLACE THE HOUSE. PLACE THE HOUSE. I right-clicked on the design, spammed left click on the plot, hit ‘Accept’, and watched to my great satisfaction the foundation to the home appear.

I’m now the proud owner of a small house 100 meters from the specialty workbench in southwest Solzreed Peninsula. I’m very, very interested in procuring an adjoining 16×16 farm, and have reached out to the owners of the nearby properties. If not adjoining, a short glider ride is acceptable. In addition, my small house and near-adjoining 8×8 on the Two Crowns beach will serve as a “southern” vacation spot. One of my alts will tend the crops and animals there, and place packs for my trade main to transport.


While frustrating, last night/this morning was ultimately rewarding. Land ownership is awesome, and going the extra mile is okay from time to time. Thank you XL Games for the wonderful game, and to Trion for hosting it here in the west.