Screenshots from Home

I’ve had lots of requests for more information on what White Talon Enterprises is currently up to.  People know we’re in the ass end of the universe.  They know we’re not solely focused on PvP (but certainly won’t decline engagements as they arise!).  But they want to know more.  So, below are 9,000 words (9 pictures) for what we’ve been up to lately in our home constellation.  As always, you can click on the images for a much larger version (1920 x 1080).  More screenshots will follow over the next few days/weeks of our exploits in Delve.

Two Legions

Duo Legions Engaged

A Pair of Gas Harvesters

Another Angle, Pretty Nebula and Rocks

A Third Harvester Approaches!

Exploration and Exploitation

Microwarpdrive Engaged

Best Looking Ship in the Game (Also, Ashamed I Own One) 

Best Looking Ship in the Game in Action

A quick comment on the Procurer: Damn this is a sexy looking ship.  Ignore its purpose for a moment.  If this model was utilized on a dedicated combat ship, I’d purchase twenty.  The overall design is utilitarian, and that is AWESOME.  It looks (kinda) like something that might actually be built…unlike so many other ships in New Eden.  Kudos to CCP for coming up with something awesome for miners to look at when they’re going about their work.


Fly dangerous.