Favorite screenshots from Blackfall

My last post bringing everyone up to speed didn’t do our time in Blackfall justice.  Honestly, it would take a week’s worth of blog entries to fully recount what happened while in our home.  I’m not up for that at this time.  Instead, I wanted to share a handful of screenshots that I took while we lived in J164507.  In each case, click on the picture itself for a much larger version.

Tengus on Patrol

Killing Sleepers, Maintaining Rep

Seven Tengu Wolfpack

Seven Tengus, Missiles Away

Largest Bling Brigade Fleet (+ Raven)

Final Flight

That last one is currently my desktop wallpaper.  Over the coming weeks, I’m sure I’ll include more details about our stay in Blackfall.  It was fun time.  W-Space life is simply different from K-Space life.  And as you’ll see in the next blog entry, Sleepers can spoil you in regards to the difficulty of any other PvE content in the game.


Fly dangerous.