Long time no see!

Long time no see!

In the midst of perusing /r/eve the other day, I stumbled across the “Name Your Favorite 3 Blogs” thread.  I’m always looking for a good EVE read, if for no other reason than to stimulate the imagination.  Some of the names/links were expected…people I read regularly.  Jester.  Poe.  Target Caller.  Color me completely surprised when White Talon showed up multiple times.  I also felt more than a little embarrassed that we’re approaching the two month anniversary of my last blog post.  Last we left off, CSSYN had waved goodbye to K-Space, making their home in J164507.  A lot has happened since then.

As a nice way to bring us up to speed: last night CSSYN hauled the first of their belongings out of J164507 (Codename: Blackfall), and back into K-Space.  While a small core of pilots found living in Blackfall truly enjoyable, W-Space life simply wasn’t for everyone.  While our wallets overflowed with ISK, overall member activity declined steadily over the two month period.  When the friends we’d invited into Blackfall with us left, the writing was on the wall.  As I write this, CSSYN members are getting their stuff situated, hauling things as necessary, spending ISK from fattened wallets…and making preparations to rejoin Factional Warfare.

I wish CSSYN members the best in that pursuit.  I’m not going with them.  The things I grew to dislike about FW haven’t changed in the last two months.  While certain personalities are no longer in the picture, the system iteself remains fundamentally flawed.

Instead, I’m continuing my journey down unfamiliar paths. All I have known for the last seven years of EVE is alliance leadership, FCing, fleet theorycrafting, and PvP.  At just about every turn, I’ve felt responsible for the fun of others.  And while that’s been fine in the past, I don’t want that weight on my shoulders anymore.  I get quite enough as a Director in my real life job, as the husband to my wife, and as father to my fifteen month old daughter.

So what am I doing now?  A better question is, “What are we doing now?”  Several fellow bittervets are in the same place I am.  ”EVE is fun, but I want to do something solo in the company of friends,” one person said while we discussed our current situation.  While that might seem a contradiction of terms at first blush, the truth of the statement resonated heavily with me.  To put it another way: we want to be able to play solo anytime we want and make appreciable progress toward a goal, while having fun group activities available if people want to.  Let’s look at this concept through a pair of contrasting examples.

Example 1: Group Play Necessary

In Blackfall, you needed a group to get most things accomplished.  Given the nature of the adjacent C4 sites, having three pilots (counting yourself) was a minimum requirement to farm the Sleepers. On the occasions when no one else was on, unless you had three Tengu-capable accounts yourself, you were stuck waiting on others.  Logging in to “Finally!  Let’s run some sites!  I’ve been waiting for hours!” made our Bling Brigades feel much more like work, and much less like fun.  Group play required.

Example 2: Group Play Optional

In and around our new HQ, gas combat sites, 4/10′s, and 6/10′s regularly spawn.  The payout for each of these is pretty nice, and each can be run solo if I like.  No one else on?  Great.  I’ll run them by myself.  Others on?  Even better, let’s blitz through.  Group play is awesome.  It is why I play MMO’s.  But here I can be confidant that other people can enjoy themselves without me needing to log in.

Finally, complete transparency here: EVE isn’t the only game I find interesting.  Recently, my wife discovered League of Legends.  She likes to play.  She likes it better when I play alongside.  Anything that I can do in EVE while playing LoL at the same time is a plus.  What we are up to now allows for that in spades.  Indeed, I’m currently gathering materials for our operation while typing out this article.

So, here is what you can expect from White Talon in the future:

  • After action reports (AAR’s) about small roaming gangs
  • AAR’s on exploration content that is interesting enough to warrant it (Like our next entry…involving pirates, ninjas, a 6/10 plex, and much laughter)
  • Discussions on ship fits
  • Thoughts on the upcoming EVE expansion
  • And much more!

Thanks again to those of you who listed WT in their top three blogs.  You helped rekindle the fire for telling EVE stories in a public forum.  o7


Fly dangerous.


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  1. It was a pleasure flying with you guys and unfortuntately the corp died well before the 2 month period. I wish you the best in your future endeavors into eve and rejoice in the fact that you and your wife have found a game that can be enjoyed together. I would love to play a round of LoL with you sometime!