Welcome to W-Space

Welcome to W-Space

Ten days ago CSSYN left Cal Mil and headed into the uncharted reaches of W-Space.  For most of us, this was a first time braving Anoikis.  Sure, we might have dabbled here and there.  An occasional WH dive for kills.  Testing out exploration sites.  Getting a glimpse at Sleepers.  But never for extended periods of time, and never to setup shop and call a W-Space system home.

Until now.

Ten days later, we’re fully setup and operational in Blackfall, our name for the system we’re operating from.  We have a starbase or three online.  PI extracting and manufacturing is running.  Friends have moved in.  More friends are coming.  And the Bling Brigades are a thing.

A quick note about our system before discussing Bling Brigades.  Blackfall is a C2 system with statics to both high security space, and C4′s.  But what does that mean?  Why did we choose this particular configuration of wormhole connections?  Good questions.

C2 W-Space

  • Relatively immune to hostile capital fleets.  The mass limit on our static connections does not exceed 2,000,000,000 kg in total, or 300,000,000 kg per jump.  That per jump mass limit is key…your average capital ship has a mass greater than 1,000,000,000 kg, making it three or four times too heavy to proceed into Blackfall.  While hostiles could certainly setup their own POS in-system and build caps, that’s a known situation as opposed to suddenly being ambushed by two, four, six, or more dreadnoughts randomly appearing at your POS.  All of this means that a potential enemy needs to commit substantial subcapital assets in order to evict us from the system.
  • A C2 allows for properly fit Battlecruisers (and larger ships) to effectively solo.  This allows newbros to get involved and learning WH mechanics, while making some ISK on the side.

High Security Static

  • This was instrumental in our first foray into W-Space.  It enables us to dip our toes in and see if we like things, without having to deal with difficult refueling or selling of Blue Loot.  Easy market access means we can resupply at will.

C4 Static

  • With a static C4, we don’t have to worry about our own C2 getting dried out.  It’s not the focus of our moneymaking efforts.  By farming an adjoining system, we have a near-guaranteed supply of ISK making opportunities.  Current C4 static dry?  That’s fine.  Roll the hole.  Next?  Occupied?  Great, see if we can get a fight.  If not?  Meh, roll the hole.  JACKPOT.  Farm the system dry, and then move on.
  • No, C4 sites/anoms aren’t C5′s or C6′s with their capital escalations, which can be farmed repeatedly for oodles of ISK.  But our adjoining C4′s can be run reliably and efficiently, with minimal fleet investment.  We don’t need capital ships.  We need RR Battleships or T3′s.  And those are both plentiful.

Immunity to easy eviction via capitals, ready resupply points, and adjoining moneymaking opportunities make Blackfall a great place to call home.  Do we want to be in a C2 forever?  Absolutely not.  Is it meeting our needs right now?  It most certainly is. Indeed, for a corporation that is looking to get into W-Space and has never tried it before, I’d recommend a similar setup.  Not a C2 with a static C3…unless you are very, very light on active members, but a C2 with a static C4 to make the best use of your time and talent.

Ops every other night are raking in the ISK for pilots new and old.  Several of our 1-4 month old pilots are sitting on close to 1B liquid ISK in their wallets, with plenty of ships already stored in the Ship Maintenance Arrays.  We’re all stocking up, and buying ships that we’ll need to take things to the next level…whether that is in one month, one year, or somewhere in between.  Things like RR Domis.  Logi.  Or Bling Brigade T3′s.  Yep, I just had to circle back around to that topic.

Bling Brigade

Strategic Cruisers got introduced to EVE at the same time as Wormholes.  They were tied together at the beginning, and continue to be the single-best piece of equipment we’ve seen at operating in W-Space.  Their low mass, high tank, moderate DPS, and modular design just make them perfect.  As a result, they’re a targeted goal for most of our pilots to skill into and purchase.

They’ve responded to the goal well.  On the first full day in Blackfall, our Bling Brigade fleets operated with 3-4 pilots.  A few days ago, we had six Tengus in fleet.  Last night?  Nine.  We blitzed through over twenty C4 Sites/Anoms in an hour, netting those involved a healthy split from the proceeds.  It would have been faster had we split up, but for at least that occasion I wanted to see our T3′s operating together.

The best part of the Bling Brigade setups is that they’re inexpensive (for a T3).  They don’t require any high-end faction/deadspace mods to make them work.  The only faction mod we have on the fit is a Caldari Navy EM Ward Field, to take care of CPU issues that aren’t even there with Caldari Electronic Systems V.  See the fit below:

Could we bling the Bling Brigade out more?  Absolutely.  We could up the DPS another 28 by switching from Ballistic Control System II’s to Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Systems.  We could up the EHT by 11,000 by swapping from Adaptive Invulnerability Field II’s to Caldari Navy Adaptive Invulnerability Fields, or 30,000 by going with something like a Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field.  We could make these things cost loads and loads of ISK if we really wanted to.  And we might…

But for now, the basic Bling Brigade setup allows groups of three (two Tengus remote repping the primary) to tackle all of the hardest C4 sites without breaking a sweat.  Newbros can hop into one of these (fully T2 fit), starting with nothing but the base SP CCP provides, in just 72 days.  And, assuming they’ve been contributing in Blackfall by probing, salvaging, or flying a more basic ship in these combat ops, they’ll have enough ISK to buy a Bling Brigade Tengu two, three, four, or more times over.

Factional Warfare

Ten days out, some of us miss portions of FW.  There is something to be said for logging on and five minutes later being in a fight.  A few of us have put alts back into FW as a result.  But none of us would rather be there than in Blackfall.  We’ve got a home that we’re building up.  We’re making an average of 150-300M ISK an hour while doing more than orbiting an object in space.  But, most importantly, we’re having fun.  And in the end, that’s all that really matters.


Fly dangerous.


  1. Welcome to Anoikis plexers.

    Good choice of hole; if your diplos are reaching out or you want advice on C4 running give us a poke.

  2. Jealous. Always wanted to try wormholes. They look like immense fun, and the isk looks incredible.
    Interesting fact: B2K used to be a wormhole corp, hence all their shiny ships.

    • You should join up Ceph. :)

      And yes, among many other things in the past, B2K has been a wormhole corp.

      • Requirements for entry? Shiptype(s)?