Pet Peeves

Last night Khan had another TALWAR roam out and about.  On a couple separate occasions, we chose to engage B2K + Touch Fiberoptik on the State Protectorate station in Icho.  Killed a Tornado, lost a frig/destroyer or three.  Killed an alt Oneiros that was providing reps to the hostiles, lost a Drake in the process.  Meh.  Station games aren’t really my favorite flavor of PvP.

But neither is it an invalid form of PvP.  One member of our fleet remarked in regards to the war targets, “What baddies.  They have no idea how to PvP, and can only play station games.”  Really?  I can agree with your dislike of where B2K chooses to engage us, but you really think that what they’re doing is a less skilled or valid way of PvPing than the frigate + destroyer shitfest that Cal Mil FW so often is?  You think it takes less skill for them to know when to engage, or when not to, than it does for you to solo roam in your worthless small ship in the forgotten backwaters of Empire space?

I’ve seen what B2K can do.  Over a month ago, Vicktor Hark led a Caldari fleet in an iHub bash of Odamia.  We squared off against a roughly even group of Gallente and got crushed.  B2K warped in with 5-6 pilots a few minutes later and proceeded to pick Gal Mil off one-by-one, and ended up holding the field.  It wasn’t that we softened the Gallente up for them.  We managed to kill one ship while losing thirteen.  No, the B2K guys simply worked together on the open field (read: no station games) with well thought out fits, drew the Gallente out, and destroyed them.

Am I taking B2K’s side?  Nope, I’m still unsure what those sides are or how the conflict even got started.  I just think that it is ridiculous when people make uninformed, patently false statements about an enemy simply because they’re the enemy.  You don’t like B2K.  You don’t like Gal Mil.  That doesn’t make either bad.  That just makes them on the opposite side of a conflict from you.  They’re playing to have fun.   Not for honor, to take space, or to force Cal Mil to disband….for fun.  And right now we’re catering to them by serving up juicy kill after juicy kill on a silver platter.

I’m in the process of interviewing Khan, Vic, Scylus, and Subsparx from the anti-B2K side of the current conflict.  I’ve also been put in contact with a B2K representative so that we get some balanced coverage.  Expect a more thorough write-up on the Cal Mil Civil War to follow in the next day or three.


Fly dangerous.

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  1. As always a good read. I would ask that you take your intelligent insight elsewhere. We wouldn’t want to infect the rest of Caldari militia with these kinds of silly ideas that the Gallente are not anything but horrible pilots who only blob.