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Back-to-back travel weeks for work have kept me largely unable to play.  Sure, I can log in, but due to my laptop’s hardware limitations I’m mostly relegated to brief chat updates about current affairs.  I haven’t been able to take part in any fleets since the very hilarious (and still undocumented) Logi Whelp last Thursday.  I’m yearning for some Pew.

On the plus side, my travel schedule for the next 2-3 weeks looks favorable.  No out of town trips.  No every night of the week social events.  No graduations.  No marriages.  All that adds up to more time in-game, and increased uptime on the camera feeds.
The upcoming website is still a thing, just slightly delayed.  You might recall that I targeted a July 24th date for the launch.  That projection has come and gone.  Up until today we had two items outstanding:  1) The interview responses from CCP, and 2) A completed logo from Rixx Javix.

We received answers to our interview questions this morning.  That means we’re really only delaying our launch due to a missing logo.  Call to action: If anyone reading this has talent in the area of 2D computer graphics, and has some extra time on your hands, hit me up at  What I’m looking for is super simple, I just have negative levels in my graphics design skill to implement it myself.

B2K war:
Having been gone, I still don’t really know how this started.  I’d love to get feedback from the parties currently involved.  I’ll be reaching out to Khan, Vicktor, and Scylus from the anti-B2K side (let me know if I missed any major parties there).  I’d also love to hear from the B2K CEO/Diplomat as well.  You can reach me on ‘Schwigg’ in-game.  That goes for any non-mentioned but involved leadership from the conflict.

As always, if you have tips, information, or topics you’d love more exposure on (read: write-up’s here), send those along to


Fly dangerous.


  1. my moneys on b2k

  2. A Caldari civil war? This is something new that I’ve never seen before in my 5 years of being in FW. Also, can I get a medium soda and large popcorn, this is going to be a good one to watch.

  3. 3B in damage vs 500M in losses vs the Anti B2K Coalition. B2K4lyfe!