Quick factionwarfare.com update

Quick factionwarfare.com update

I announced the upcoming opening of factionwarfare.com two weeks ago on July 2nd.  At the time, rather than giving a hard release date, we said :soon:.  Truth be told, we were still brainstorming on the project, putting all of the required pieces together.  Any date announced then would be a wild guess pulled from…somewhere.

Well, those pieces have steadily fallen into place.  Interested parties have stepped up to contribute on the site and bring their own unique perspectives.  The Intel Cams are live, already fine-tuned and put through their paces.  Rixx Javix of EVOGANDA fame is currently in the process of designing the site’s logo.  The FW guide is coming together.

And CCP is taking the time for a FW interview to help us launch the site with a bang.

As long as everything stays on track, we’re now looking at launching the site on July 24th.  Here’s a quick rundown of the services/community features we’ll be offering:

- Regular, non-propaganda updates from all four factions in the form of Battle Reports, Weeks in Review, and open letters from our contributor
- Daily updates on the Warzone Control (read: Tiers) for all four faction
- Daily updates on the sovereignty holdings for all four factions
- One-page access to all of the intel cam feeds that have been deployed across the FW warzones
- An intro guide to FW for new pilots including tips, tricks, and moneymaking habits
- Feed from non-staff FW writers who maintain their own blogs

We’re still looking for additional on-staff contributors, especially in the Minmatar and Amarr factions (though Caldari and Gallente pilots are also welcome).  If you’re interested in providing written content, send an email to bastion@whitetalon.com.



  1. Hey, this is really cool! I’m not involved in FW, but I’ll definitely read it!

  2. Holy shit that picture is old. Brings back a ton of memories.