Adding FW Services

Adding FW Services

[Edit, as of about an hour ago, we brought the Akidagi Intel Cam online, keeping an eye on the Icho gate.  You can view that feed here:]

As we continue to roll toward the launch, Subsparx and I are testing other services we plan to provide to all four militias.  One of those services is straight from the pages of Mad_Ani: the Cal Mil Intel Cam.  If you haven’t checked out Mad_Ani’s stream in the past, I highly recommend it.  Good music, intel on staging systems during the slow times, and live coverage of many of the major fights going on in the current nullsec war.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say.  I certainly do.  Having watched Mad_Ani’s stream, the wheels started turning.  What FC (or even general militia member) wouldn’t like real-time intelligence on critical systems to the Cal Mil war effort?  Especially if those feeds stay always on, with no delay?  Yes please.  That’s something I’ve wished for more than once in my decade of EVE gaming.

With my machine at home, we could get two systems streaming at the same time.  Three or four would probably be doable, but the test broadcast showed that all four were too small to make out anything in detail.  So…two systems.  But which two to place the Intel Cams in?  That turned out to be the real question.   Do we station the cameras in Nenna & Nisuwa to cover two of Gal Mil’s major staging areas?  Aki & Kinaka to help screen Cal Mil’s main entrance points to lowsec?  Tama?  Innia?  Vlil?

The answer to one of the systems presented pretty early.  A thousand times of day, someone in the Caldari Militia chat channel asks for an update on Tama.  “How’s the Nourv gate in Tama?”  “Is Tama camped?”  “Hostiles in Tama?”  Five, ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes later, they’ll get a reply…usually with very outdated intel.  “Nope, it’s clear,” someone will say, recollecting on their trip through ten minutes ago, and unaware of the pirates that have since moved in to occupy the gate.  Cue another ship explosion that a real-time feed of the Nourv gate would have prevented.  So, Tama system, Nourv gate…check.

But what to do with the other Intel Cam?  I had to satisfy my inner FC on this one.  “Where do many of the Akki/Kinaka gate camps originate from?”  “Where do the major Gal Mil fleets stage/reship?”  Nennamaila, the answer to both.  Not necessarily always from the Nenna station, mind you, but that system is a central hub for traffic to and from Cal Mil controlled areas in Black Rise.  The Gallente don’t have to go through there, but they often do.  So, Nennamaila, on grid with the station…check.

Direct link to the Cal Mil Intel Cam feed on  It’s still a work in progress.  The overlays aren’t great yet.  My larger monitor comes in today, which will enable full 1080p streaming.  I’ll be adding in more music as well.  But it’s live, and will broadcast 23/7 to meet the needs of Cal Mil.

In the next day or two, we plan on placing an additional two Intel Cams in other critical places around the Black Rise/Placid area.  Their placement will still be geared at enabling and protecting the Caldari Militia, after all this is a Caldari Militia FW blog.  If you have suggestions for their placement, feel free to send those via evemail to Matthew Geary, or just leave them in the comments down below.

With the opening of, though, we are looking at expanding up to an additional two Intel Cams per Faction.  i.e. Two in systems of the Minmatar’s choosing.  Two in systems of the Amarr’s choosing.  And yes, two in systems of Gal Mil’s choosing.  All of the streams will be available as close to 23/7 as possible, but they will need to be phased in over time.  After all, that many streams running concurrent signals the need for additional capture cards and expanded internet capabilities.  I ask that you bear with us while we bring these community resources online.  In the meantime, Minnie, Amarr, and Gal Mil reps should be in contact with Matthew Geary to pre-plan where you might want the Intel Cams located.


I hope you enjoy the feed.  Fly dangerous (now with more safety!).


  1. I like it, I like it a lot :)

    Though for the cams for other factions, it might be good to have someone from those alliances set them up and be responsible for them…and just have them linked to the site? That way you aren’t putting the stress of 4 feeds on yourself?

    • I’m absolutely okay with this idea, if other people want to partner and put the Intel Cams up. Good suggestion Cyberin.