Week in Review

Week in Review

Last night marked the end of a week-long Caldari surge.  One week ago, senior leadership in BORG and CSSYN agreed that they’d had enough of Cal Mil being walked all over by the Gallente.  That they were tired of the low morale in our militia, and the general feeling of helplessness people bemoaned in militia chat.

Here is what the FW map looked like when the :Kitchen Sink: Campaign began (click for a larger picture):

54 systems for Cal Mil
47 systems for Gal Mil

One week later, a lot of progress has been made.  Morale in the militia is up.  People have seen that they have multiple quality FC’s that they can trust their “more expensive” ships with.  Khan Farshatok and Schwigg have led nightly forays into the enemy territory.  We’ve taken 36 systems over the last seven days, averaging out to be just a hair over five a day.

Here is what the FW map looks like now (click for a larger picture):

90 systems for Cal Mil
11 systems for Gal Mil

Cal Mil – T3 – 44.4%
Gal Mil – T1 – 6.6%

Of course, there have been a couple of great fights along the way as well.  Last night’s Frigate fight in Nennamaila.  The Qcats AHAC engagement in Agoze.  The crazy three-way in Renarelle.  The one-sided fight in Akidagi.  EvaulonImmuriHikkoken.  Thanks to the Gal Mil pilots who have brought it so far.  We’re looking forward to the future engagements.

As the :Kitchen Sink: Campaign enters its second week, we face some significant challenges ahead.  Gal Mil leadership has made it clear that they don’t care about the outer systems we’ve been taking.  They’ve pledged to defend their “core systems” and make them impossible to take.  Some of their corps have also begun deplexing their remaining systems so that they aren’t vulnerable by the time the :Kitchen Sink: commanders log on in the evening.

A different sort of challenge has already reared its head, the lack of offensive systems to plex.  This, thankfully, is simply a matter of perspective.  At T2 or below, defensive plexing doesn’t really net tangible rewards, and as such pilots don’t do a lot of it.  At T3 or above, though, defensive plexing becomes almost as valuable as T2 offensive plexing is.  Take Jovainnon, a Caldari system that is currently 63.6% contested.  In T2, running a small defensive plex would have yielded 11,130 LP, or just barely more than an offensive novice.  In T3, that same small plex is worth 19,477 LP.  That’s worth more than a small offensive plex in T2…and worth almost the same as a medium in T2.  As a result, my encouragement to everyone that has been fueling our system flipping machine by offensively plexing is this:  After tonight, swap over to defensive plexing and keep our systems as low as they will go.  You’ll still get your LP.  You’re still contribute to the war effort like you have been before.  And you’ll probably be a fair bit safer while doing it.

Know that the Gallente are going to hit us back eventually.  Right now they’re near the bottom of the barrel, but don’t for a moment count them out.  They’ve enjoyed being on top for far too long.  Long enough for it to filter into the fabric of their militia.  “We’re better than them,” they’ve said for months.  “Let them bring whatever they want, we’ll beat them.”  This punch in the face has caught them off-guard, but it hasn’t knocked them out.

Khan and Schwigg are veterans of dozens of nullsec campaigns.  They’ve fought in the wars that have radically changed the face of the EVE Sov map.  They don’t expect this “war” to be done in a week, or two, or three.  They’re prepared for the Gallente to dig in and tight tooth and nail to hold on to the last of their systems.  You should be too.  Expect the latter bits of this campaign to take weeks.  Months.  Expect the Gallente to make gains of their own.  Gains that need to be countered and pushed back.  Expect the road to get a lot bumpier before the end.  But, throughout it all, expect success.  Our morale is high.  Ride it.  Have fun and enjoy your playtime, because that’s what matters in the end.


Fly dangerous.


  1. It has been a great, yet short road. Ot will be a while longer before we win, but every cql mil pilot needs to keep their heads high! We have them in a corner, which is not always a good thing. The great sun tzu said to “always build a golden bridge for your enemy to retreat on”. Consider your golden bridge. Any gal mil pilot wanting to leave can contact me and i will arange for militia allow you and your assets passage into highsec! Remain and you shall perish. (Name that movie)

    • Ignore my obvious gramatical fuck ups. Trying to type on a pbone and i have a migraine.

  2. Your blog is turning out to be a very good read. I do appreciate the insight into Caldari militia.

    You still need to learn a few things about FW “sov” war. It really isn’t a war that can be won, but rather a system designed by CCP to swing back and forth such that no side can win unless the other one gives up. When Gallente took all the Caldari systems, we knew there would be no way to hold them all unless we had a 100 man pvp corp living in every other system. Sooner or later the Caldari farmers would return and there would be no stopping them.

    Right now Caldari are riding high (in terms of Sov war) based on the backs of the farmers. Navy drakes and Navy Ravens have been the engine. In reality, Caldari have been winning the plexing war for quite some time getting almost all non-Gallente home systems at or near vulnerable status for the last several months. The Caldari just needed a few FCs to actually try to flip the systems in a fleet that wouldn’t get destroyed by any 10 man Gallente gang. Good job with that by the way. Seriously, we haven’t seen a remotely competent general Caldari militia fleets in years. There hasn’t been anything in Caldari militia to take seriously since Happy Endings. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t because Gallente militia is so great, its been that Caldari militia’s worst enemy has been themselves.

    Take a look at the VP information here: https://api.eveonline.com/eve/FacWarTopStats.xml.aspx. Scroll to the bottom and look at VP earned last week per militia. Once Caldari VP starts to drop after the farmers leave, things will turn around for Gallente. Until Caldari isk/LP tanks (and it will eventually), there isn’t much to do except to see how many systems we can hold onto. Gallente cannot plex the warzone back when Caldari LP is worth so much more than Gallente LP. Once we get Gallente farmers, we will push back and start taking systems. All you will be able to do is see how many systems you can hold onto before the farmers switch sides again and you can push back. Rinse and repeat forever.

    There are things that can delay this cycle, such as cross militia plexing. There was a time where both Minmatar and Caldari militia’s were dominant. This caused cross militia plexing which held the warzones in relative balance. On several occasions, Caldari lost morale and most pvp corporations left the warzone. This lead to the recent situation where most systems where highly plexed, but there were no pvpers to actually flip them. Sooner or later, some pvpers will join up and get things rolling.

    We’re looking forward to the fights and wondering if July will be a better month than June which saw many Gallente groups break their all time killboard records. See you in space for some internet spaceships pew-pew.

    • the only way to Win for us in FW is to Own everything and get the medal. yes it goes back and forth. but it is like resetting up the chess board. one more feather in our hat, one more cool story to tell, one more full killboard of recorded fun.

  3. Well written


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