Dropping the Hammer

Dropping the Hammer

As I promised earlier today, what follows is a more lengthy account of the events that occurred last night.  My apologies in advance…I was not online last night (date night with my wife).  As such I’m working with second-hand accounts of what transpired.  If any Cal or Gal Mil have differing opinions on what happened, I’d love to incorporate them into a wholistic, unbiased account.

As previously stated, Cal Mil flipped an additional four systems last night:  Alamel, Alsavoinon, Evaulon, and Renarelle. During this time frame, the FC received intel of large Gallente gang consisting of Battleships and T2 Logi, with BC/Cruiser support.  Their position was reported in Renarelle, and the fleet made best speed after flipping the system they were in.

On jumping into Renarelle, the Cal Mil gang was presented with a large number of Gal Mil pilots hanging 10-20km off-gate. 20+ battleships opened fire on the friendly fleet of 75, while Cal Mil streamed toward the Guardians.  They dropped quickly, as did an Oneiros, before the FC called for a warp out.  Reports on friendly losses are mixed, but CSSYN lost three pilots in the initial engagement.  The extreme DPS of the Gal Mil-fielded battleships meant that any straight-up engagement would be a costly one, despite the overwhelming numbers available on our side.

At this point in time, Best Korea pirates took advantage of the situation.  Friendly pilots were off-field when local climbed and cynos appeared.  A quick temp-NAP was arranged between Cal Mil and the pirates, and our fleet landed back on-field to see the addition of four dreadnaughts, two faction battleships, five T1 battleships, and 1 HAC from Best Korea, and a heavily tackled Archon on the Gal Mil side.

Reinforced (temporarily), Cal Mil dropped the hammer on the Gallente.  We shredded their fleet, while sustaining heavy losses of our own.  Down went the Archon, fifteen Battleships, their remaining Logi, and much more.    As the remnants of the Gal Mil fleet fled, Best Korea and the other pies on field turned on the Caldari.  With multiple dreads, faction battleships, and other high DPS/high tank ships still on the field, the Cal Mil FC made the call to extract from the fight and continue on our way.  We were still able to flip the system, bringing yet another capturable point back into the loving arms of the Caldari State.

The following Battle Report shows us the clearest picture of the fight, with the Pirates remaining in the neutral column (thanks to Andre for linking a much better BR summary in the comments below…I’ve updated the link here as well): http://dog-net.org/brdoc/?brid=21102

Loss Totals (hand tabulated based on the above BR):
Cal Mil – 3.369B isk
Gal Mil – 8.665B isk

Best, Cal Mil finished the strategic objective they’d started on the previous night before in Fliet.  At 06:33, the Qcats Small Control Tower exploded, followed shortly thereafter by its accompanying Ship Maintenance Array.

Alamel, Alsavoinon, Evaulon, and Renarelle aren’t Gallente core systems.  Their fleet in Renarelle wasn’t made up of the only ships they had in their hangars.  This was not a final victory against the faction that has dominated us for months.  But it was continued, steady progress.  Those four systems join the growing list of liberated stars:  Hallanen, Hikkoken, Immuri, Mantenault, Arderonne, Reschard, Athounon, Aldranette, Odamia, Pavanakka, Murethand, Melmaniel, Hevrice, Alamel, Alsavoinon, Evaulon, and Renarelle.  What have the Gallente taken in that time?  Nothing.


Let’s keep it up.  Fly dangerous.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog, but this post is very biased. The killmail link you used excludes almost all the Caldari losses. Try this one: http://dog-net.org/brdoc/?brid=21099. This was a three way fight and everybody “won” if they considered the other two sides against them. That being said, it was a really fun fight.

    Also, I guess QCATS did in fact have a tower in Fliet. We saw the notification, but we didn’t even remember what moon it was at and were too lazy to scan it down. Was it even still fueled?

    • It was fueled. We’d reinforced it the night before.

      Thanks for the improved battle report link. As I said in my post, everything I had was second hand, and I was trying to piece the knowledge together as best as possible. I’ll update the original post with the included BR link.

    • The real difference was that almost all of the lose’s sustained by the cal-mil fleet were BC’s and down, more then half of which can be washed out with insurance money. The gal-mil lose’s were mostly bs’s and milti hundred mil each guardians that wouldn’t give out insurance. Cal-mil also was the only party that didn’t lose a capital in the engagement, as well as the cal-mil gang would go on that night to take 2 more systems after the engagement.

      To say it was anything but a solid tactical and strategic victory for the cal side and a stalemate at best for the pirates and gal side.

      • Per the isk lost totals (updated the post per the agreed up “clean” BR), Gal Mil sustained over twice as much isk in losses as Cal Mil did. Cal Mil won the isk battle, flipped the systems they wanted to, and downed a (mostly useless) Qcats PoS. Indeed a win.

  2. As the caldari fc i have to say this is pretty accurate, except for some very minor details that dont matter. For instance, the gal fleet was at zero. We didnt suffer to many more losses if any after we came back in. We prioritized the logi and ecm when we came back in to help the pirates take out the gallente. I had tried to get rainbow dasb in on the fun but they were busy. The oni actually died last and lasted longer than i expected. Most of our tier three bc’s got caught right at the beginning so we lost our needed anti logi dps. The fight was winnable if the gal fc hadnt called primaries like he did, so kudo’s to the good target calling.

  3. All I remember is we melted the Caldari fleet before the pirates came in and fought. Gallente militia took down the pie Moros too, and the pie Bhaalgorn.

  4. Pretty sure everyone won the isk war in that fight. Gal mil scored 5 bil alone from killing the KOREA moros and bhaal, before even taking into account the ships you guys lost. They also had one of the carriers in deep armor before having to quit the field and leave you guys to get worked over.

    The reason you took no losses from gal mil in the second part of the fight was because they focused exclusively on KOREA while the fc tried to see about a temp blue with you guys to take out the pie caps. In the past, gal and cal mils used to temp blue in these situations to kill caps and shiny fleets, which used to do a good job of keeping neuts in the warzone in check.

    Had you temp blued gal mil in this case you would have A: scored far more ISK in kills, and B: had a good chance of winning the battle vs gallente afterwards as their BS fleet posed more of a danger to KOREA than your fleet, and they’d have still been focused down first.

    This info is good to know for future fights though. We’ll have to adjust tactics accordingly. GF.