Four, let’s take some more!

Current FW Tier %’s:
Caldari – 42.4% – Tier 3
Gallente – 12.5% – Tier 1

A more extensive write-up will come later today about activities last night.  We dropped the hammer.  It was fun.  For now, though, it’s sufficient to say that another four Gallente systems have fallen.  Last night Cal Mil took Alamel, Alsavoinon, Evaulon, and Renarelle.

For those keeping track, that’s seventeen systems in five days:

6-23-13 – Hallanen, Hikkoken, and Immuri
6-25-13 – Mantenault, Arderonne, Reschard, Athounon, Aldranette, Odamia, and Pavanakka
6-26-13 – Murethand, Melmaniel, and Hevrice
6-27-13 - Alamel, Alsavoinon, Evaulon, and Renarelle

One Gallente’s perspective is as follows:

“I do want to warn you though, Gallente are not nearly as invested in WZ control as the squids and while we don’t contest you in outlying systems you don’t have a chance of taking any home systems. We have had an easy time of it in the last couple of months and haven’t had to put in any work plexing to keep tier 2. The work y’all have put in the last couple of weeks have been a wake up call about needing to get our act together on that front if we want to have a chance at sustained tier 2.”

It should be interesting to see if that perspective changes at all in the next few days, weeks, or months.  To be sure, Gal Mil has been the dominant force in the Cal/Gal FW space for a long time.  Months.  Our one week of success doesn’t change that at all.  We are going to need the same drive and determination for weeks and months, not days, if we want to see “victory” in this war.

Fly dangerous.

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  1. Leave some systems for me, just joined up last night! :D


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