Tested Progress

Tested Progress

One month ago, the Gallente dominated Cal/Gal FW space.  Ignore the relatively even Tier percentages.  Gal Mil could, and did, do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.  They showed better organization, quicker response time, superior tactics, and the willingness to “ship up” in what was needed, rather than just what they could “afford.”  In short, they won May and a good portion of June.

The pendulum began to swing back in the Caldari direction two weeks ago.  It began with a subtle change.  Vulnerable systems began flipping. Cal Mil organizers avoided “traditional” (read: crap Dessie/Frig) fleets, and focused either on plexing or TALWARing in an attempt to avoid “fair fights” that the Gallente had proven time and time again superior at.  Thus while the KB’s certainly didn’t show it, Cal Mil started a steady climb upward in Tier % points.  Progress was slow.

Sunday night marked a dramatic change in the pacing of our progress. Two weeks ago we crawled.  As of the 23rd, we sprinted.  That night we took three systems (Hallanen, Hikkoken, and Immuri).  On the 25th we took seven more (Mantenault, Arderonne, Reschard, Athounon, Aldranette, Odamia, and Pavanakka).  Last night another three (Murethand, Melmaniel, and Hevrice).  Thirteen systems in four days.  During this short time span, Gal Mil has either avoided our fleets or been crushed by them.  We won in Hikkoken, Immuri, Frarie, Evaulon, and Akidagi to the tune of ~8B destroyed to ~1.7B lost.  Gal Mil comms were filled with the following:

“I don’t like it when I’m impressed by the enemy.”
“We’re losing all of our territory, and you <expletive> aren’t doing anything about it!”
“Did they get another big corp?”
“How can we counter those fleets?”

A great question, that last.  While morale sailed high within Cal Mil in general, some of the organizers of this week’s sprint have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.  There’s a reason we have pushed as long and hard as we could these last four days.  Why people have plexed for hours on end, and why fleets have run for 9+ hours straight.  If there is a fundamental fact about the Gal Mil, it is that they will get their shit together, and they will act.

Last night we saw the first evidence of that.  While flipping Hevrice, intel began coming in about a massive Gal Mil fleet forming in one of their core systems.

Scout 1 > “60+ with logi.”
Scout 2 > “Confirmed.  Looks like they might be planning to bridge onto us.”

That put the enemy fleet equal numbers with what we had (64), but with a substantial advantage in on-field sustain.  As Hevrice changed hands, we evacuated to a “safe zone” while intel continued to come in.

Scout 1 > “Fleet is at 75, 6+ logi.”

Let’s recap again what has been said about Gal Mil in the past.  The general feeling in Militia chat has been that the Gallente are larger, richer, and more organized.  That at the drop of the hat they’re able to throw a 40-man fleet together with 5-8 logi and wipe the floor with whatever we can scrounge up.  Or, worse, that they can immediately counter with better pilots ops that took us 2-5 days to plan.  Last night was evidence that the Gal Mil want to reinforce that line of thinking in the general Cal Mil member’s mind.

The key to our success moving forward is simple: Keep going.  Keep doing what we’ve been doing.  Keep plexing.  Keep fleeting up with the best possible ships you can manage.  The Battlecruiser/Cruiser/Tackle fleets are working.  Gal Mil’s 70+ man fleet last night was useless.  We refused to engage it, thus giving them no kills.  Their faction has been on its heels all week, so none of our systems were vulnerable.  No vulnerable systems means that 70+ man fleet had absolutely nothing to flip.  No kills and nothing to flip makes for some anxious pilots.  Meanwhile we flipped three of the many more vulnerable systems of theirs.  They might have had the larger, more organized fleet last night…but we won.

As of the time of this posting, here are the current Tier Percentages:

Cal Mil – 32.8%
Gal Mil – 13.2%

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