More of the same…

Another night, another BC fleet, and another several systems taken from the Gallente.  Cal Mil now sits at 32.2% (over halfway to T3), while Gal Mil has tanked to 14.2%.  This time around it was Murethand, Melmaniel, and Hevrice.  As I wasn’t around for the first capture, and the second went off without a hitch, I won’t discuss those.  Instead, what follows are a free brief comments on our flipping of Hevrice.

2:28 – Zhora Zhopkin from Rapid Withdrawal (Gal Mil) capped a small, halting our capture of the iHub with less than 15% armor.  We hear that there might be hostiles forming up somewhere.

2:30 COMPLETE lack of voice comms discipline.  FC called for “Clear comms” repeatedly.  People kept talking over.  Our stealth bomber scout in Muetralle kept reporting useless information.  He then jumped back to Hevrice, and proceeded to link the hostiles from Hevrice in fleet…the system that we were already in.  /facepalm

2:38 – The system goes vulnerable again.

2:40 – Report comes in that the hostiles are planning to bridge in a 60 man armor fleet, with logi, via Titan bridge.  We overheat the guns to try and finish before they arrive.

2:46 – The system flips.

2:47 – We evacuate Hevrice, and start heading “home.”

2:48 – Our stealth bomber scout continues to cross-talk on comms.  “Hey, did anyone else realize it is 4 AM?”  Prattle prattle prattle.  Yammer.  Yammer.  The report comes in (and has to be repeated due to stealth bomber cross-talk) that the enemy fleet’s numbers have risen to 70, with logi.

2:57 – We docked up in Deven for a quick 5 minute break.

And that was all I could take of the constant chatter on comms.  Khan’s had the same “open comms” policy for the previous fleet ops, and it’s worked well.  Tonight, though, it seemed that everyone felt the need to spew verbal diarrhea at every opportunity.

As I logged off, the fleet was en route to take another strategic objective.