The turn!

The turn!

I’ve spoken over the last few days about the lack of open fleets operating in the Caldari FW.  That changed starting last night.  At one point we had four separate open fleets running with 15-20 pilots each.  There was much rejoicing in Militia chat.

Khan Farshatok kicked things off at 00:00 yesterday with a Talwar roam.  The cries “NEED MOAR TALWAR” echoed repeatedly in Militia.  Talwar pilots joined.  Tacklers joined.  The fleet had to be expanded repeatedly.  They had quite a bit of fun.

An hour later, we started our open frig fleet.  I’ve always been one for frank self-assessment.  I was rusty at FCing.  Very rusty.  It doesn’t help that, in the time that I’ve been gone, multiple ships have had their capabilities radically changed (for the better).  But we made the best of it, jumping from one empty system to the next.  The Gal Mil pilots that we did occasionally see in local were all docked up.  *sigh*  That is, until they jumped us with a gang heavily fitted for fighting frigates.  While we managed to kill their bait thrasher quickly, I kept our pilots far too close to the gate during the engagement, which allowed DPS-focused cruisers to whittle us down.  Their Omen and Vexor escaped in structure, adding to the frustration.  However, we had fun, and got ourselves into enemy space.

Tonight featured open fleet after open fleet.  WTE originally had an open cruiser roam scheduled, but I bowed out after an extremely long day at work.  Tired FCing usually leads to quick deaths by friendly parties.  Instead, Vicktor Hark took up the reigns and led the cruiser roam.  We had a blast, topping out around 22 pilots.  Several smaller engagements led to us being caught between a Rote Kapelle pirate fleet, and a group of Gal Mil.  I’m fairly certain that we could have taken either fleet individually, but both groups decided we were the juicier targets at the time. Undaunted, those of us that lost ships headed back to high sec to reship and rejoin the group.  More fun in space was had before a vastly superior Gal Mil fleet forced us to scatter in a dozen different directions.

Another open fleet is out and about as I put these words to “paper.”  Suffice to say, things have picked up after much encouragement in Militia chat.  Both us and the Gallente are straddling the edge between Tier 1 and Tier 2 warzone control, which will hopefully continue to force us out into each other’s space for more good fights.