Demand, no supply

Last night I finished a four hour drive to a client site, flicked on my Surface Pro, and dialed up some EVE.  With White Talon all the way in the militia now (24 hour waiting period finally over),  it was time to get serious both about contributing to the militia, and to recruiting for the corp.  And that is when I encountered roadblock #1: I’d forgotten my mouse back in Dallas.  Sigh.  But a part of me was also intrigued.  How well can EVE be played with just a trackpad and a touch screen?

The answer is, “Not very well.”  EVE’s menu options are itty bitty.  We’re talking super tiny here.  It is an exercise in frustration trying to tap on just about anything.  It was, however, very easy to spin in the station by tapping and dragging.  That left me with the trackpad.  Trackpads suck for gaming.  They’re a generally terrible invention across the board.  However, the combination of the two sufficed to allow me to (painfully) purchase ships and mods, load them into a transport, and fly them to WTE’s HQ system.  Took forever, but it happened.

As I was flying, I encountered roadblock #2, which we previously discussed here.  Lots of people in Militia chat were clamoring for a fleet.  Apparently two or three “corp only fleets” were flying around causing problems for the Gallente, but none that were open to the general militia.  I understand the corp-only mentality.  They control who knows what they are doing.  They keep a lid on the information.  They have fun with people they know and trust.  They keep spies out.

But do they really?  Keep spies out that is.  In leading/FCing in major alliances, the general assumption that we operated with was that spies are ubiquitous.  Assume that every fleet and every corp has them.  When you operate under that assumption, when you accept that they are there and you simply have to do your best regardless, it becomes freeing.

That is one of the guiding principles of White Talon in the Caldari Militia.  We want our fleets open.  We want the general militia to be able to log on, find our fleet, join up, and have some fun.  The extension of this hope is, obviously, that they will come to like what they see in our fleets and join up with the corp.  But that’s a secondary goal rather than a primary one.

You see, the more Militia pilots in space contributing to fleets, the better off the Militia overall will be.  Pilots sitting around one of the hub systems asking for a fleet invite over and over again, and never receiving one, are less likely to try in the future.  Over a period of days or weeks, they’ll feel unwanted, unappreciated, and look for fun elsewhere.  The Militia size goes down, and those “corp only” people are left to shoulder an increasingly heavy load.  I know.  I’ve been there.  I’ve run things that way, and watched the strain grow and grow.

So the question is, “Why not make use of one of the Caldari Militia’s greatest assets?”  We have willing pilots.  Let’s put them to use.  Yes, you’ll get spies in your fleets.  However, if you’re a long term Caldari FW corp, you likely already have spies in your fleets…members that you’ve recruited along the way.  Assume they’re there.  Open your fleets up.  Have more fun.  Grow the future generation of the Militia.

After getting off work, I’ll be purchasing a cheap mouse, coming back to the hotel, and leading a roam.  As announced last night in Militia, we’re targeting 01:00 evetime (8PM Central, 9PM Easter, 6PM Pacific) to kick things off.  If you’re interested, X up when we call for the fleet tonight.

See you in space.


  1. I’d like to know more but when are you on?

    • Most US evenings. If Matthew Geary isn’t on, try Schwigg.