White Talon Enterprises re-opens

White Talon Enterprises re-opens

Three years ago I quit EVE for good. I’d been there and done that. Alliance executor. Alliance FC. Corporation CEO. Pirate. Anti-pirate. Industrialist. Logistics manager. I’d commanded 1k vs 1k fleet fights, and 5v5′s. I had scouted, tackled, and blasted billions and billions of ISK, including popping an outpost egg when those were still rare. So I hung it all up. Sold my main and primary alt. Left EVE behind.

But in the intervening months and years, something always bothered me. For all of my accomplishments along the way, and they were many, I didn’t have anything lasting that I’d left behind.  The things I had built always crumbled shortly after I left. I had not managed well, else some of those things would have lived after me.

I finally gave in to the incessant nagging sensation and signed up for EVE again two weeks ago. Initially I didn’t know what I wanted to do, other than help make a positive difference. I looked at existing corps, and was genuinely dissatisfied with what I saw out there despite scouring the in-game adverts, eve-o forums, reddit, and my previous connections. My options seemed to boil down to helping out in EVE Uni, bringing some experience to Brave Newbies, or flying in RvB. My gut said that none of those were what I was looking for.

So I began investigating FW. Before I quit, White Talon Enterprises’ long term goal was to eventually enter the Caldari side of FW. We never quite got there. To get a proper experience, I hopped into the State Protectorate, joined roams, and generally took stock of the current state of affairs.

My limited sample size (just over a week) showed lots of eager participants who didn’t have a lot of organization, and who feared flying anything more expensive than a frigate or destroyer (with some notable exceptions). The FC’s that I flew with were willing, but inexperienced. Many were clearly, in a great show of initiative, stepping up for the first or second time because no one else would.

Instantly my brain began working. IM’s and texts flew out to the people I’d worked with in the past. “Guys,” I said, “this situation is exactly what I’ve been looking for. We can do something meaningful here. Come on, let’s brainstorm.” We started thinking about how we could best contribute to the militia and revisited what we’d seen in the State Protectorate.

1. Lots of eager, but inexperienced pilots

This is an awesome “problem” to have. Eager, inexperienced pilots can rapidly turn into eager veterans. They just need practice.

2. Mishmash of small ships with no coherent doctrine

There is nothing inherently wrong with flying small ships.  Frigates are fine.  Cruiser are fine.  However, a random assortment of both with no real goal in mind is a recipe for disaster against any more organized or heavier fleet we might encounter.  However, improving upon this point would prove impossible while remaining in the State Protectorate. Fleet doctrines are corp or alliance things that get mandated and enforced by the leadership. No leadership (enforceable) exists in the State Protectorate. If we were to improve upon this area, we’d have to put a corp into the militia.

And it just so happened that I retained ownership of White Talon Enterprises.  Great name, check.  Awesome corp history, check.  Existing (loose) allegiance to the State, check.  Website and domain intact, check.  Cool killboard banner with appropriate ships on display, check.

However, the corp is just part of the equation.  The other part is a fleet doctrine(s) that maximize the strength of our eager pilots.  Most of these people are new, so T2 ships are out.  Since the majority of plexes in FW are frigate & cruiser only, the emphasis should be on these ships, with larger ships in reserve to utilize if the Gallente “go heavy” on us.  Much brainstorming later, we settled on three fleets:  Frigates.  Cruisers with tackle.  Battlecruisers for special occasions.  The key to these fleets being that each ship in their defined roles is fitted the same way.  i.e. Every one of our backbone frigates has the same mods, guaranteeing uniform capabilities.  Same thing with our logistics frigates, and our tacklers.

We didn’t want individual pilots to have to figure out the fittings, go purchase the ships, bring them back to the HQ, and store them for future use, though.  That would be doing you a disservice.  Instead, White Talon is providing every single ship for all three doctrines to our pilots on WTE FC-led ops.  Think of the ships like library books.  Op time comes, you check out a ship from the FC.  He can see how many have been handed out of each type, and recommend more tackle, more logistics, or more backbone as necessary, ensuring that the fleet is balanced in its capabilities.  You lose the ship on an op?  No biggie.  They’re all corporately insured, so the corp wallet gets the money for the loss.  Small taxes then pay for the replacement of mods and rigs.  In the end, what are you the individual pilot out after losing a ship on an op?  Absolutely nothing.

And therein lies the fun.  As said previously, there is nothing wrong with flying small ships.  CCP’s buffs to the small T1 ships were really nice, and made them useful across the board.  In WTE, however, we’re maximizing your effectiveness by putting you into a fleet environment where the Fleet Commander knows his fleet’s capabilities inside and out.  Our pilots can always fleet up in the “best ship available”, as we’re providing those ships.  Thus each and every pilot has a much easier time building their own wallet in between official ops, which raises their standard of play across the board.  The corp wins.  You win.  Caldari FW wins.

3. Willing, but inexperienced, FC’s

Let me start by saying that having willing FC’s, even if they are inexperienced, is a dramatic step up over unwilling or non-existent FC’s.  People who have been stepping up, kudos.  You are better than 95% of EVE.  However, there is still room for improvement.  Hesitancy.  Indecision.  These are things that kill fleets just as quickly as the enemy will.  I’m not saying that you have to be YELLING DICTATOR MCSCREAMER.  I hate those guys.

What I am saying is to be firm and decisive.  Make a decision.  Give the order.  The right order or wrong, most of the time any order is better than no order, or a hesitant one.  Leading a fleet whose capabilities you know makes it easier, but much of it boils down to coaching and practice.  We want to help out here.

As stated earlier, our FC’s have commanded 1000 vs 1000 fights, and 5 vs 5′s.  They have experience leading at the highest levels, in multiple alliances fighting a variety of ways, and know what it takes to be successful.  We want to train you to do the same things.  To lead ops around the clock, both when the Founders are on and when they’re not.  And we want you to take that experience to the Militia, raising up another generation of competent tacticians and target callers.  The more experienced FC’s the Caldari Militia has, the better off we’ll all be in the war against the Gallente.


Well, now you know what we’re about.  Myself and a small core group of others…flying, having fun, teaching, and learning from others in Caldari FW.  We want to leave a positive legacy behind us as EVE enters its second decade of existence.  If you’d like additional information, check back here for more in-depth looks at points 1-3 above, or contact Matthew Geary in-game.

Fly safe.