Group Effort

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Before I recount last night’s events, I want to give mad props to the general EU TZ portion of the Caldari Militia.  The fleets that...

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Dropping the Hammer

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Corporation, Featured | 7 comments

As I promised earlier today, what follows is a more lengthy account of the events that occurred last night.  My apologies in advance…I was...

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Four, let’s take some more!

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Current FW Tier %’s: Caldari – 42.4% – Tier 3 Gallente – 12.5% – Tier 1 A more extensive write-up will come...

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Tested Progress

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One month ago, the Gallente dominated Cal/Gal FW space.  Ignore the relatively even Tier percentages.  Gal Mil could, and did, do whatever...

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More of the same…

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Another night, another BC fleet, and another several systems taken from the Gallente.  Cal Mil now sits at 32.2% (over halfway to T3),...

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